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White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are usually non-violent financially motivated crimes. The types of White Crimes we handle in Northern New Jersey are:

  • Theft – There are a number of theft charges and categories and the penalties will depend on the circumstances of what you are accused of stealing and/or its amount or value. The types of theft can vary such as shoplifting, passing bad checks, forgery, extortion, to all types of fraud. 

  • Bank Fraud – Where a person is accused of obtaining monies, loans, cashing checks, etc. through fraudulent means.

  • Embezzlement and Theft – Where a person who has access to company funds is accused of taking or diverting funds for personal use.

  • Official Misconduct – When a public servant acting in their official capacity, commits an improper or illegal act or omission with the purpose to obtain either a benefit for themselves or another, or to injure another or deprive another of a benefit. 

  • Contract Fraud – When one party in a contractual agreement gives false or misleading information to the other party.

  • Healthcare Fraud – Committing fraud on an insurance company such as overbilling an insurance company. 

  • Insurance Fraud –  Obtaining insurance coverage or a policy benefit by providing false or misleading information.

  • Money Laundering – Where someone is accused of taking money obtained from criminal activities and cleaning that money through fraudulent business practices and other financial transactions.

The penalties for White Collar Crimes can be severe and include significant jail time, hefty fines and restitution, loss of a job and career.

As a former Assistant Prosecutor and retired New Jersey State Trooper who spent 9 years in the Official Corruption North Unit as a Detective, Detective Sergeant and Lieutenant, I investigated and supervised highly complex White Collar crimes which provides me with the ability to review and evaluate your case from a unique perspective.  If you are being investigated or have been charged with a White Collar crime in Northern New Jersey, Contact the Di Rienzo Law Firm for a free confidential consultation. 

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