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The New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) protects an employee from retaliation for objecting to, reporting, or refusing to participate in harassing, discriminatory or other illegal conduct or conduct the employee reasonably believes was illegal. 


Retaliation includes termination, demotion, discipline, harassment, or the employer makes the employee’s working conditions so unbearable that they are forced to quit. Whistleblowers may be awarded back wages, lost future earnings, emotional distress, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. 


Be aware that the statute of limitations for pursuing a CEPA whistleblower claim is only one year from the date of the adverse employment action.


At Di Rienzo Law we will fight aggressively against all forms of Whistleblower & Retaliation claims.  Contact DiRienzo Law immediately to schedule a consultation by Calling 908-329-2727 or filling out our Contact Form.

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