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     Many people are wrongfully denied unemployment benefits and employers will frequently deny unemployment claims for the wrong reasons. 

     If you lose your job through no fault of your own, you are entitled to New Jersey unemployment benefits. You will be denied unemployment benefits if you were fired for misconduct, or you voluntarily resigned without good cause, or if you failed to apply or accept suitable work. Also, you can’t collect unemployment benefits when also receiving temporary disability benefits. But if you felt forced to quit because you were being harassed or discriminated against you may be entitled to unemployment pay. 

     The New Jersey Department of Labor has a process in order to determine whether an applicant is eligible and the amount and duration they can collect unemployment benefits.  But hearing officers are often very wrong in their decisions to deny claims of unemployment benefits. 

If you are initially wrongfully denied benefits, you have just 7 days to file an appeal. So, Contact Us immediately and we will help you determine if you are entitled unemployment benefits and, if you have been denied benefits, we can guide and represent you through the complicated appeals process.

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