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Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment of both women and men is still occurring in many workplaces.  Everyone has an absolute right to come to work free from being abused because of your sex or gender.


The 2 types of sexual harassment protected by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination are Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment.


     •     Quid pro quo occurs when an employer, manager, or supervisor says or implies that your employment depends on you giving in to their sexual advances or demands. An example is your supervisor promising a raise, promotion, or to continue to be employed if you have sexual relations with them.


     •     Hostile work environment occurs if an employee is subject to unwelcome physical or verbal sexual advances or behavior that interferes with the employee’s ability to function in the workplace.  Any form of harassment because of your sex or gender that creates a hostile work environment is illegal, even if there is no physical touching or demand for sexual favors. For example, sexist or sexual remarks, gestures, emails, text messages, sharing or viewing pornography, unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and comments regarding a person’s body or physical appearance may create a hostile work environment.


Also, sexual harassment can be committed by not just men harassing women but can occur when women harass men, men harass men, and women harass women.


The Law Against Discrimination also protects retaliation against any employee who reports a claim of sexual harassment or is a witness to a claim of sexual harassment.


Sexual harassment is prohibited by both State and Federal civil law. But an employee could also report the harassment to their local police department for criminal charges.  policy. And large companies usually have a Human Resources Department that is responsible for investigating complaints of sexual harassment.


At DiRienzo Law Firm, we will fight against all forms of sexual harassment. Numerous law firms represent both the employer and employee, but at DiRienzo Law Firm we only represent the employee. So, if you have suffered sexual harassment, immediately contact DiRienzo Law Office to schedule a consultation by Calling 908-329-2727 or filling out our Contact Form.

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