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Public Safety Workers Presumption

Under New Jersey Law, if you’re a paid or volunteer public safety worker (Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Correction Officer, EMS, Medical Technician, Nurse, etc.) there is a presumption of compensability if you can demonstrate exposure at work to “the excretions, secretions, blood or other bodily fluids of one or more other individuals or is otherwise subjected to a potential exposure, by the other individual or individuals, including airborne exposure, to a serious communicable disease, or is otherwise determined to be infected with or at significant risk of contracting the serious communicable disease.” This also applies to the public safety worker that has contracted a serious communicable disease or related illness then there shall be a presumption that any injury, disability, chronic or corollary illness or death of the public safety worker caused by, attributable to, or attendant to the disease is compensable.

As a former NJ State Trooper that was exposed to several work-related injuries due to the nature of the job, I have a unique perspective and experience in work related injuries. If you suffered an injury at work, you need to immediately contact Di Rienzo Law Firm.

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