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       As a former NJ State Trooper, Attorney Mario Di Rienzo is passionate about giving our Law Enforcement Community a voice as they are confronted with increased scrutiny by the public, media, and their own internal affairs units while they are just trying to do their jobs protecting our rights and keeping us safe. When Mario Di Rienzo was a NJ State Trooper, he was assigned to the following investigative units: Drug Trafficking North Unit, Crime Suppression North Unit, Interstate Theft North Unit, Gangs and Organized Crimes North Unit, and the Official Corruption North Unit.

       To learn more about Attorney Mario Di Rienzo’s experience and qualifications, please use the link below to view his profile:

Mario Di Rienzo, Esq.


       As a Lawyer for over 25 years combined with being a former Assistant Prosecutor and over 22 prior years in Law Enforcement, Attorney Mario Di Rienzo had the unique perspective and experience in both the internal investigation process and the criminal justice system.


       Accordingly, we will proudly and passionately protect your rights and reputation by providing vigorous, professional and devoted legal representation. 


       If charged with a crime, civil action, facing an internal investigation, or any other wrongdoing, immediately Contact DiRienzo Law for a free consultation by calling 908-329-2727 or fill out our on-line Contact Form to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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